Guiding Eyes for the Blind is an internationally accredited guide dog school providing greater independence, dignity, and new horizons of opportunity.
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Support the Canine Development Center – “One Step Ahead”

One Step Ahead logoA ground-breaking program needs a ground-breaking facility. Construction on our next phase of our renovation project has begun. Share our pride and excitement as we build the most unique canine training facility in the world, a place in which we can provide loving care for our puppies and give them an outstanding start for their journeys as Guiding Eyes dogs.

Fall 2013: Guiding Eyes announces a challenge grant to support the Canine Development Center.

The human-canine bond is powerful.  Nowhere is this more evident than in a Guiding Eyes team: a blind individual partnered with a professionally bred and superbly trained dog. The Guiding Eyes story starts at the Canine Development Center, as this is where we welcome our puppies into the world. Join us as we become pioneers in the guide dog field, and ensure that Guiding Eyes puppies are even smarter, more confident, and supremely prepared to provide safety and new horizons for our clients.

Yellow Labrador Guide Dog in harness looking at handlerThe Canine Development Center (the CDC) is where a pup’s future as a Guiding Eyes dog begins.  The One STEP Ahead campaign supports a comprehensive new design and expansion of this facility, located on 30 acres in Patterson, New York. This one-of-a-kind campus will provide the perfect setting for Guiding Eyes’ proprietary advanced puppy training program, entitled STEP — Successive Training and Enrichment Program.

We need your support.  The One STEP Ahead campaign represents a defining moment in the history of canine care and training. STEP’s success is due to years of extensive, sophisticated research and represents a dramatic departure from all previous puppy training programs. The new CDC is designed to support and integrate with STEP.

Join us - Your support will build a one-of-a-kind puppy training center that will set the standard for canine organizations everywhere. The newly designed campus and facility offers many opportunities for honoring your generosity. Dedication plaques can be installed in many beautiful new spaces.

If you are interested to learn how you can help, contact Nancy Lothrop at (914) 243-2211 or via email at