Wrangler's first overnight trip!

This past weekend, Guiding Eyes’ TODAY pup Wrangler had his first overnight trip to Boston where he experienced new sights and sounds, enhancing his skill set. Wrangler began his weekend [...]

June 2015 Graduating Class

Thank you to the sponsors of this month’s class: The Jacksonville Beaches Lions Club. Dr. Etta Eskridge We also thank the Fain Family for their support of our video streaming capabilities. Click [...]

TODAYpuppy’s Closet

How playing dress-up is another step on Wrangler’s journey to become a guide, by volunteer puppy raiser and staff member Saxon Eastman  One of my favorite skills to practice with the puppies I [...]

How I Change the World

An original poem from youth volunteer puppy raiser, Kyle Carey, Orange County Region  From eight weeks To 18 months One dog, one volunteer 16 months of house training From sit to stand To heel [...]

My new best friend

May graduate Jesus Baeza looks ahead with new guide dog. My name is Jesus Baeza.  I’m from Austin, Texas and I’ve been totally blind for the last 12 years.  I live a pretty active life style; I’m [...]