2019 Holiday Grad Newsletter

Text Transcript

Holiday 2019 Graduate Newsletter (Text Transcript)

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Welcome to the Guiding Eyes for the Blind Graduate Newsletter, Holiday 2019 edition.  Click on the hyperlinks to open each of the following audio messages! 

In this Issue:

Intro and Contents

Greeting from Class Supervisors Miranda Beckmann, Jolene Hollister and Kat Poallo

Message from Kathy Zubrycki, Vice President for Training Programs

Greetings from Becky Davidson, Manager of Consumer Outreach and Graduate Support

Greetings from Graduate Council:

Liz Bottner, Council President

Cindy Lou Altman, Council Vice President

Terry McCann, Council Corresponding Secretary

Johna Gravitt, Council Member

Lin Hunnicutt, Council Member

Victoria Keatting, Council Member

Graduate Council Contact Information, Becky Davidson

Notes on the Unifly Harness, Ben Cawley, Director of Admissions and Graduate Relations

Happy Holidays from the Puppy Program, Maureen Hollis, Regional Manager

Retirement and Potential Successor, Kathy Rooney, Field Representative, and Becky Davidson

A Poem by Shanon Walsh

Greetings from the Genetics Department, Madeline Zimmerman

Greetings from Melissa Smith, Field Representative

Musical Greeting from the Development Team