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And the ripple effect continues…

Black Labrador Max decided he didn’t want to be a guide dog.  In 2011, he was adopted by the Sokolow family, who have helped him to fulfill his ultimate destiny – therapy dog work.   The letter below is from a NYC class he regularly visits.  

Guiding Eyes released dog Max with owner Reha SokolowDear Max,

They call us children with special needs.  We sometimes have difficulty walking, talking, taking care of ourselves and learning.  They don’t know we are held in bondage by our disability, desperately trying to be free.  They don’t know we have feelings and want to be loved and accepted like everyone else.

You came to us offering only unconditional love and acceptance.  You worked with us week after week, allowing us to brush you, walk you, pet you and just give you hugs.  You lay there while we stroked your tail, touched your nose and rubbed your ears.  You didn’t move – except to look to your owner for approval.

Max, you are special too!  Your docile manner, your human-like eyes, your easy going temperament and your innate intuitiveness are a special gift.  Every week you came held a key to unlocking the door we live inside.  Every week you gave us a glimpse to the world that we have such difficulty navigating.  Every week you gave us a chance to be loved and accepted for who we are.

We thank you Max for each moment of love and acceptance.  We have grown stronger from working with you.  We are working hard with our teachers to continue to use the skills that we learned from you.

We will miss you over the summer but we hope you will be back working with us in September.

We love you Max.

The students of P993 @208

Collage of Guiding Eyes released dog Max, a black Labrador