A Day in the Life: Meghan Medina

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Guiding Eyes veterinary technician and hospital manager Meghan MedinaBy Meghan Medina, Licensed Veterinary Technician and Yorktown Hospital Manager

Hello everyone!  My name is Meghan Medina, and I am one of three licensed technicians here at Guiding Eyes for the Blind.  I am also the Hospital Manager at the Yorktown location, and I have been employed here for two years.

A typical day at our vet hospital begins with prepping for the day’s surgeries.  Once our dogs have passed their training tests and have been assigned to trainers, they are put on our surgery schedule.  All dogs get spayed and neutered by our vet team, and we will sometimes spay and neuter up to four dogs in one day.  There can be a lot of preparation; anesthesia and post surgery medications must be drawn up according to each dog’s weight, and each dog’s fur must be shaved and disinfected prior to surgery.

Prior to heading into surgery, each dog’s hips and elbows are radiographed and examined to rule out any bone or joint disease.  It’s easiest for both the dogs and us to perform the x-rays while the dogs are sedated.

Sometimes I will be called in to assist with the surgeries.  Once complete, it’s my job to make sure the dogs are recovering well and receiving their post surgery medications.

The afternoon is when we usually see our local puppies, broods, studs or guides for appointments.  Appointments can range from vaccines to sick visits.  I also triage many cases that come through our office via phone or email.  And of course – there are the 180 dogs that live in our kennels!  They are also seen in the afternoons for physicals, vaccines or sick visits.

Another of my job responsibilities is to make sure the hospital is fully equipped.  This entails going through our inventory and placing orders through one of our many distributors.  We stock preventative medications like Heartgard and Frontline, as well as prescription medications and vaccines.  And there are all the different medical supplies needed on a daily basis – e-collars, bandages, syringes, testing kits – I could go on!

But my favorite time in the vet hospital is Class Physical Day.  Just before graduation, the current students visit us for their first appointments with their new guide dogs.  It’s a favorite part of my job because it gives me the opportunity to see the connection between the graduates and their new guide dogs.  Each time, it is both memorable and heartwarming to witness these strong emotional bonds.

In summary, as a technician and hospital manager, I assist the doctors with surgeries and appointments, advise puppy raisers, grads and fosters, and make sure the hospital is prepared for anything.  I enjoy working here because the vet staff is not only full of compassion and knowledge, but they are fun to work with!  No two days are the same at the Guiding Eyes Vet Hospital; each one is truly unique.

Stay tuned for more installments of “A Day in the Life.”  Interested in writing about your experiences with Guiding Eyes?  Please send us a note at info@guidingeyes.org