A Special Student – Sable

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Guiding Eyes for the Blind Staff – 07/25/2008

Raising a puppy for Guiding Eyes for the Blind is truly gift of love. A puppy is not born a guide dog, but created through the dedication and commitment of an entire team of individuals! We recently received a beautifully crafted notebook from the students at Mary Hogan School in Middlebury, Vermont all about Sable, a Guiding Eyes puppy. Sable’s raiser, Nancy Wollum, is a paraprofessional teacher at the Mary Hogan School. Sable’s journey with Nancy started off like many Guiding Eyes puppies at eight weeks of age. She easily adjusted to her new life after leaving the Canine Development Center – meanwhile, Nancy along with fellow teachers and students began the process that would eventually result in permission for this new student, Sable, to attend school everyday!

Nancy and Sable walk to and from school everyday. Upon arrival at school, Sable eagerly greets each one of her classmates! Sometimes the day starts with tug of war and sometimes there is very important cuddle time! When the class starts, Sable naps and then more play time at recess! They play soccer but clearly, Sable has a decided running advantage over other players on the soccer field!

Sable’s friends at school have helped her to learn to walk peacefully through the hallways even though she sees all her buddies. After recess, Sable learned to play by herself while the students were doing class work. She often naps during math!

Her days are always busy; visiting other classrooms, reading with her friends and her favorite – free time! Her friends have helped her every step of the way including fundraising! The students truly enjoyed their year with Sable. Some of Sable’s classmates commented, “Sable was a great fun classmate! She makes everyone feel happy, friendly and safe. We really enjoyed knowing that all of this fun will end up going to a good cause and we hope Sable will be a good guide dog some day.” Sable is now 14 months old and is awaiting the next step in her journey toward becoming a guide dog – her IFT – the test to determine if she will go into formal guide dog training!