Adventures of Janice: An Update

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Guiding Eyes pup Janice at 8 weeks oldby volunteer Puppy Raiser Elora Hixon

Janice is doing wonderfully and growing into a very nice young lady! She has been a very energetic puppy for the last 10 months, and while she certainly hasn’t lost her spunk, she seems to enjoy life in a more relaxed manner now. When we go places, Janice settles faster. Even at home, she lies nicely on the floor and chews her bone when we sit and watch television.

Her name response and recall commands are also significantly improved. We can be playing with other dogs on a ball field or tennis court and she’ll always come running back when called.

Janice will likely have turned one by the time of our next update; it’s crazy how fast time goes by when you are raising a pup.

Note from Guiding Eyes: This post is a continuation in a series about pup-on-program Janice (3J412.) Yellow Labrador Janice was born on October 11th, 2012 to brood Fresca and sire Dell.   She was one of 12 pups, 10 of whom are now living in puppy raising homes.  Janice is being raised in the Maine Puppy Raising Region, and we look forward to sharing her ongoing adventures with raiser Elora Hixon!  

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