Adventures of Janice: Getting a New Puppy

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Yellow Labrador puppy Janice looks at the camera By: Volunteer Puppy Raiser Elora Hixon

Note from Guiding Eyes: This post is the first in a series about pup-on-program Janice (3J412.) Yellow Labrador Janice was born on October 11th, 2012 to brood Fresca and sire Dell.   She was one of 12 pups, 10 of whom are now living in puppy raising homes.  Janice will be raised in the Maine Puppy Raising Region, and we look forward to sharing her future adventures with raiser Elora Hixon!  

I can’t even explain to you how exciting it is to get a new puppy.  I was thrilled when my Regional Manager told me that I was going to get my second puppy to raise for Guiding Eyes; I told everyone about her!  At the time, all I really knew was her name and that she was one of twelve, but that was enough to get people excited with me.

My first pup was Francine, and giving her back to Guiding Eyes in December was probably the hardest thing that I have done in a very long time.  She had gone everywhere with me since the day that I got her and it was such a special relationship, but I knew that she had to go.  Hopefully she’ll make someone else’s life just as special as she had made mine.

I met Janice with her volunteer driver (a member of our region team) in Scarborough, Maine at Cabela’s.  The second I saw Janice it was love!  She is a small (about 9.3lbs) little yellow bundle of joy.

Of course the first thing we did when she got out of the car was to go and get busy.  She was already a genius at this and got busy really fast.  Then we had our hour ride home.  Unlike my first dog, Janice was quiet all the way home. Not a peep came out of her – she was absolutely perfect.  We got home and I let her have to run of the first floor of my house for a little while.  I got on the floor with her and showed her where the food and water bowls are, along with the toys and other such important things.

Sleepy Janice sprawls out in her crate.  A chew toy is under her left paw - possibly being saved for morning.Then it came to introducing her to my personal dog, and they loved each other!  It was like they have always been best friends.  My personal dog is a 75lb black Lab named Lady, so it was pretty cute watching them play with each other!

After playing for about a half hour it was about time to go to bed.  I figured that I would need to wake up in about four or five hours because she was going to need to go outside, but boy was I wrong.  This perfect puppy slept from 9:30PM till I had to wake her up at 7:45AM so we could start our day!  She did wake up twice with a little whine and one bark and then she passed right back out.  It is a dream come true: MY PUPPY LOVES TO SLEEP!

Hope you loved meeting my little pup as much as I did.  More stories to come soon!



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