Adventures of Janice: Light Bulb!

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Guiding Eyes pup Janice smiles while laying on the beachBy: Volunteer Puppy Raiser Elora Hixon

I think we have hit a breaking point!  You know when your kids are little and they are learning new things?  They’re not really sure what to do and then – all of a sudden – they get it; they know what you want them to do and most of the time they do it.  That is where I am with Janice.  Lately, I feel like the light bulb has gone off and she says to herself, “Hey, I know what to do!”

It has been a lot of fun watching her learn and grow – observing her likes, dislikes and expressions.  I have enjoyed getting to know her personality as a whole.

With all of her energy, we get to do lots of different things like explore the beach and airports or walk the rail trail.  When we have nice weather, I think my favorite thing to do with her is go for a run.

The first time we went for a run, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into.  I thought she would pull me the whole way or dart towards people and animals.  Surprisingly, she did neither.  She ran right by my side and kept up a nice pace with me.  I think we completed a mile and a half before we got tired and went home.

It was great to exercise together – it’s about time I get back into shape!

Guiding Eyes pup Janice conquers the baggage claim at Portland Airport!

Note from Guiding Eyes: This post is a continuation in a series about pup-on-program Janice (3J412.) Yellow Labrador Janice was born on October 11th, 2012 to brood Fresca and sire Dell.   She was one of 12 pups, 10 of whom are now living in puppy raising homes.  Janice is being raised in the Maine Puppy Raising Region, and we look forward to sharing her ongoing adventures with raiser Elora Hixon!  

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