AJ Promoted to Ph.D. Candidate at UD

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Linda Damato, Regional Marketing Manager – 06/28/2009

Matt and Aj with coworkersThe Ginder-Vogels are happy to announce that AJ, already a valued member of the Sparks Environmental Soil Chemistry Research Group at the University of Delaware thanks to his unique skill set (cuddling, trying to get in laps, and tail-wagging), has passed his qualifying exams and is now a full-fledged Ph.D. candidate! There’s gossip that he might leave the research group to pursue other career opportunities, like, oh, learning to be a guide dog, but if he needs a “Plan B,” he’ll be welcomed back to the world of academic research with open arms.

About the photo: Standing are Dalton Abdala, Brandon Lafferty, Jerry Hendricks and Donald Sparks. The middle row shows Matt Fischel, Mengqiang Zhu, Matt Siebecker, Saengdao Khoakaew and Masayuki Shimizu. In the front row is Jason Fischel, Matt Ginder-Vogel with AJ, Tingqiang Li and Gautier Landrot.