An infinitely rewarding experience

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Intern Cat Orza with a Guiding Eyes pupby Catherine Orza

When I started in the Guiding Eyes kennel four years ago, I had no idea that the experience would change my life.  Caring for guide dogs in training is hard work, but it’s infinitely rewarding… not one day went by when I didn’t have a smile on my face.

During my first summer at the kennel, I learned more than I could’ve ever imagined. I developed a new work ethic, based on the discipline and responsibility required of me each day.  I was inspired by the trainers’ determination to succeed and the dogs’ enthusiasm to learn. Over time, I created special relationships with the people and animals I worked with.

This summer, I had the opportunity to intern with the marketing and development team. It was a particularly valuable experience for me because I was able to apply my college education in public relations.  Not only did I gain knowledge and skill – I was able to view the organization from another perspective. I worked beside some of the most talented, hardworking people I have ever met, helping promote an organization I believe in so deeply.

Meeting our graduates was the highlight of my summer. For the first time, I had the privilege of hearing their stories through their own words. Watching the students work with their guide dogs was both heartwarming and inspiring. They taught me to stay positive, even when faced with the most unfortunate circumstances.

As I depart to finish my senior year of college, I am extremely grateful for all my time at Guiding Eyes. My colleagues have been nothing but generous, caring and supportive, and I am a better person for knowing them. After four summers with the organization, I am leaving with great friends and happy memories.

This isn’t a goodbye, as I know that Guiding Eyes will be part of my life forever.

(L-R) Intern Cat Orza, Director of Marketing Michelle Brier, President Bill Badger and VP for Marketing and Development Sue Dishart