Betsy Khol and Buster at RIT

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Linda Damato, Regional Marketing Manager – 02/18/2009

A New Student at Rochester Institute of Technology!

Betsy and Buster at RITBuster (1B307) has been attending classes this semester at RIT. Buster is a Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy who is being raised by Betsy Khol. “Having Buster here with me at school has been an awesome experience for not only Buster and me but also for the students, faculty and staff here at school. Buster is learning so much here by coming to classes with me every day. He learns how to navigate around and not be distracted by large numbers of people on our walks to and from class. During my classes he lays quietly under the table while I work. He also gets a break from all this work and a chance to romp around in the never-ending snow when we’re not in class. Many students here are learning about puppy raising.

There is a student here who has a guide dog but most students don’t know what it takes to get a guide dog prepared to guide someone. Buster is really a popular guy!” Betsy Khol of Vienna, Virginia has spent the last five years raising puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind and educating residents in her Dominion region about guide dogs. Betsy has successfully raised four puppies for Guiding Eyes: Benny, Eagle, Ernest, and Taz. Buster is her fifth puppy.

Buster at RIT 2One of her greatest joys has been developing friendships with the blind companions who now have Eagle and Ernest, and who often tell her how much freedom the dogs bring to their lives. Betsy and her Guiding Eyes puppies have been the subject of both television and newspaper stories that have helped raise awareness about Guiding Eyes in her region. She plans to continue raising puppies while she pursues an Industrial Engineering degree at the Rochester Institute of Technology. “My love for the program has really focused our family as well,” Betsy said. “My mother has become involved and serves as both the Dominion Region Coordinator and as a region class instructor. My brother has become a raiser himself; his first puppy is in training at Guiding Eyes and he is currently raising his second.” Betsy was one of three 2008 Awards and Scholarship Program winners and spent last summer volunteering in our Breeding Kennel. Betsy and Buster, keep up the great work!