Connecticut State Police Canine Unit

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Linda Damato, Regional Marketing Manager – 01/07/2009

Linhard, Nordin and RealAt a recent graduation ceremony, Lee Nordin, Director of Canine Development for Guiding Eyes, proudly accepted a plaque in recognition of Guiding Eyes’ continued loyal support of the Connecticut State Police Canine Unit. Connecticut State Police is celebrating 75 years of service. Established in 1934, this program is ranked as the twelfth oldest training program in the United States. The Canine Unit is a component of the Emergency Services Unit and is located in the city of Meriden, Connecticut at the State Police Complex.

Each canine team is made up of one handler and one canine. Teams are assigned at all twelve barracks throughout the state and to select specialized units. While off duty, each canine lives with the trooper and their family and becomes a beloved family pet. Presently active are over 60 Guiding Eyes dogs that are serving as narcotic, arson, explosives or patrol canines. Guiding Eyes believes that each dog “chooses its own career” and therefore, the temperament traits that make a dog unsuitable for guide dog work are the specific traits ideal for detection or patrol work. Guiding Eyes has affiliations with the US government Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) , as well as state and local agencies and organizations that train and place dogs for detection work, such as the Connecticut State Police Canine Unit . We are very proud of our dogs who serve in these important careers.