Counting the Days til my Guiding Eyes dog

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by Nancy Lothrop

Guiding Eyes senior development director Nancy Lothrop with a yellow Labrador guide dog in trainingI can’t stop thinking about Tuesday afternoon.  I was fortunate enough to attend the “meet and greet” for our February class.  As the new students filled the room, I went to introduce myself to a young man who had just found an empty seat; he was folding up his cane as he settled in.

I was drawn to him because his smile was contagious. As I welcomed him to Guiding Eyes and asked if he was here to get his first guide dog, a smile that I did not think could get any broader somehow managed to do just that.  His excitement was almost palatable as his entire body was literally wiggling from head to toe.

Through that winning smile he said, “I am SO excited.  I have been counting the days since December until I could get my first Guiding Eyes dog.  I can’t believe I am here and tomorrow is the day. I am SO excited!”  By this time his feet were dancing from enthusiasm and his hands were busily juggling his folded up cane.

I was touched by this grown man’s enthusiasm and raw emotion, and I found myself momentarily speechless.  That moment keeps replaying in my mind and I can’t help but think, with his attitude and out pouring of love – he can’t help but succeed with the lucky Guiding Eyes dog that will become his new best friend.

On a personal level, it emphasized once again how lucky I am to work for an organization that helps to bring such joy and promise with amazing dogs.

Nancy Lothrop is the senior director of development for Guiding Eyes.  She lives in New Canaan, CT., with her husband Rob, their pet dog Jamie and their two cats – Muffin and Orange.