Doggie DeLites

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Linda Damato, Director Puppy Program Support Services – 05/21/2009

Staff & pups at the displayThanks so much to Marie and Paul Marcoux, owners’ of Doggie deLites, Inc. for their wonderful spirit of generosity towards Guiding Eyes. Each of our Puppy Raising regions attending the 2009 Regional Coordinator Workshop will be given a basket of treats and whether the basket is raffled off as a fundraiser or the treats are shared with our future guide dog puppies in class, rest assured that they will be enjoyed and will benefit our work.

Helen Keller said, “One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.” Thank you to Doggie de Lites for their thoughtfulness and generosity! Guiding Eyes puppies and staff had fun posing for the photo! The pups couldn’t take their noses off the baskets!