Foster a Guiding Eyes Brood or Stud

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Volunteer brood and stud fosters provide homes for the extraordinary dogs in our breeding colony. These dogs are responsible for creating future generations of Guiding Eyes guide and service dogs.

Learn more about fostering a brood or stud at our upcoming open house:

Guiding Eyes Stud

Saturday, September 20th, 1:00 pm
Guiding Eyes Canine Development Center
361 Route 164, Patterson, NY
RSVP: 845-230-6402 or


Testimonials from breeding colony fosters:

“I love knowing I’m helping to produce future guide dogs – while getting unconditional love from the best behaved dog ever!” – Sharon Beck Warman

“Stud dog Cosmo has been the best addition to our family! Not only does he love us unconditionally – we love him back. He has taught my children about having responsibilities and giving back to others. Plus – we have made many new friends through the Guiding Eyes community.” – Dana Barti

“I love having a hand in giving “wings” to so many blind individuals. I honestly can’t see why everyone doesn’t foster!” – Jamie Abell Stewart

“When I made the decision to foster, I felt that it was a wonderful way to give back. What I didn’t expect was what I received in return. I’ve found amazing friendships and I’ve loved watching the puppies grow and graduate. Above all, I found a part of my life I didn’t realize I was missing – my doggie soul mate!” – Wendy Rettig

“My brood has had 4 litters and I have gotten to spend time with all those puppies. It is so gratifying to know that one day they will grow up and be able to help someone. I am planning on fostering a second dog because I love doing this!” – Barbara Raineri

“Best part about being a foster? Seeing your ‘kids’ kids’ graduate or becoming broods or studs. Your chest puffs out and you say, ‘YEAH! THAT’S MY KIDS’ KID!’” – Vicki Shaw

“Halsa is the sweetest, smartest, most amazing dog! When I became her foster, my desire was to provide a valuable community service. Little did I realize how much my life would be enriched when her puppies were born and when Guiding Eyes volunteers and employees became a part of our family!” – Bette Lee Foley-Flynn

“Fostering Gia was a blessing for our family. The boys knew they were giving back to the community and they were very proud of that. Gia was such a great dog from the moment we brought her home; it was so nice that she was so well trained.” – Lynne Covill

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