Graduation Days at the Training School are Always Special

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Linda Damato, Regional Marketing Manager – 02/26/2009

Class pictureAt a small reception before the February graduation, Guiding Eyes fosters and puppy raisers enjoyed some time together sharing their wonderful stories about their incredible pups and dogs. Passion, caring and dedication was clearly present in the room; truly a group of generous individuals – differing ages and from different walks of life but all sharing a common mission. Kasha, a Guiding Eyes Ambassador, Katie Scott, Volunteer coordinator, and Linda Damato, Director of Puppy Program Support enjoyed welcoming all of their special guests! Graduation Days at the training school are always a gift in so many ways!

As Kathy Zubrycki, Director of Training for Guiding Eyes said as she addressed the graduation guests, “there is magic that occurs at graduation. It is phenomenal to think of the incredible act of passion and commitment from each and every person who has a hand in helping to make this amazing day possible.”