Grateful for the Extra Mile

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Guiding Eyes grads Pam and Hildy celebrate the end of their first route together with kisses and praise. By Pam Garde, October 2011 Graduating Class

Hildy and I have been together for nearly two years. On the whole, we’ve worked together quite well. In late June, Hildy and I were having some challenges with certain routes and street crossings; I decided to call Guiding Eyes to see if someone could help.

After a few phone conversations, the school let me know that a remedial training would take place in my hometown. I agreed that since I would be at my current address for a long time, it would make sense for me to practice in my own environment.

On August 26, a wonderful instructor came to do a refresher with Hildy and me. We covered everything from basic obedience to the routes I take to the bus stop, the bank, CVS and the mall. I learned quite a lot and listened with both ears. I can still hear the instructor say, “Always check the tension in your handle,” and “keep your left arm back!”

Even when it wasn’t perfect, I didn’t get emotional. I’d work hard not to make the same mistakes twice. I regularly review the lessons learned during that time period and I’m back to truly enjoying working with Hildy.

I’m glad I picked a school that goes the extra mile and truly cares about the overall welfare of each student. Thank you Guiding Eyes!