Guiding Eyes Graduate Launches Documentary Project

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Pat Leahy and Guiding Eyes guide dog Galahad walk into the gym Washington, D.C. – Nothing can stop award-winning 39-year old Pat Leahy from pursuing his bodybuilding dreams. Not age, not injury – not even blindness. Pat is the subject of an upcoming documentary called “Blind Lifter”, which follows him through a recent bodybuilding competition and explores his life journey. This project recently launched through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

The Blind Lifter production team is especially hopeful that this inspirational documentary will encourage children with disabilities to participate in extracurricular athletic programs. A successful Kickstarter campaign will also raise the funds to develop a teaching toolkit and curriculum for presenting the film to first through twelfth grade students. “My hope is that this documentary and experience positively touches others to do something they’ve always wanted to do but maybe didn’t know was possible,” says Pat.

Pat Leahy’s career encompasses service under Members of Congress, a Cabinet Secretary, and he currently works in the U.S. Federal Government. Pat graduated with honors from Millersville University in 1997, with majors in Political Science and History. During his free time, he enjoys helping U.S. wounded warriors, amateur bodybuilding, swimming, reading, and being an avid baseball fan. Pat’s guide dog Galahad is the project’s mascot and has been with him for the last four years.

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