Guiding Eyes Puppies go to Taft!

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Linda Damato, Regional Marketing Manager – 10/21/2008

CCT Raisers at TaftFounded in 1890, The Taft School is a coeducational boarding school for 570 students in grades nine through post graduate. Exceptional students from all over the world are taught by an extraordinary faculty on a beautiful 220-acre campus in Western Connecticut. With the motto “Not to be served but to serve” as a moral foundation, Taft graduates matriculate at our nation’s leading colleges and universities.

And now there are some new students attending Taft! These new students have four legs and are destined for their own greatness…for a future career as a Guiding Eyes for the Blind guide dog. Over the summer, Regional Manager for the Central Connecticut Region, Mary Kenney, and Linda Damato, Regional Marketing Manager, met with Dean of Academic Affairs John Willson and student volunteer Stephanie Webster. The beautiful Taft campus would certainly be an ideal place to hold puppy raising classes and after a short meeting, it was clear there was a great match – TAFT students were excited to help our Guiding Eyes pups and our raisers and staff. Our first class was held on October 6th and thanks to Stephanie Webster, we had many student volunteers from Taft attend class! Thanks also to Elizabeth Frew, Community Service Coordinator at Taft. Volunteer Region Coordinator Kristen Alesevich stated that “It was simply the beginning of what we all hope will prove to be a perfect relationship.”

With sincerest gratitude to Taft for their vision and support, when the proud day arrives, we hope you will accept our invitation to attend the graduation of our first “Taft” student! Your mission of providing service will surely touch many lives.