Happy Thanksgiving!

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We’re feeling pretty grateful today.  As our November / December student class settles into day two of training with their new guide dogs, we reflect on the number of people who supported their journey.  1,400 volunteers selflessly give their time and talent.  The kindness and generosity of over 200,000 donors allow us to provide our programs and services.  155 staff members work 365 days a year to make a tremendous difference in people’s lives.  And more than 1,000 graduates inspire us every day with their courage and determination.

Here’s what our recent graduates are saying about their Guiding Eyes dogs:Guiding Eyes graduates Sarah and Deb are smiling as they race through a nature trail.

“I felt pure joy the first time we walked together.”  -Veronica

“I love the freedom of getting around safely.”  -Jacquie

“After two years of traveling with a cane, I am so happy that I came to Guiding Eyes! My guide dog is a friend, a companion, she’s everything.”  -Robert

“He helps me navigate safely around obstacles and across the street.  He is by my side and I am not alone.”  -Ashley

“More than my eyes… he will be my best friend.”  -Maria

“I look forward to our future together, in college and beyond.”  -Jasmin

“Now I have the dog I’ve dreamed of since losing my sight.”  -Devin

This month’s class and their Guiding Eyes dogs will spend Thanksgiving morning working with their instructors.  They will then be served a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings, prepared by our chef and his staff.  Although many of our students will be far from home for the holiday, they will be celebrating with fellow classmates and their Guiding Eyes instructors in a warm and friendly environment.

Wherever you’ll be spending your holiday, we wish you a safe, happy and healthy day.  Thank you for being part of the Guiding Eyes team.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yellow Lab puppy Frisbee