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Guiding Eyes Instructor Stephanie Koret with guide dog in training Flynn and signed baseballsWith our Golf Classic right around the corner, everyone has been working their hardest to prepare – including Guiding Eyes instructor Stephanie Koret.  Stephanie keeps herself busy training guide dogs, helping people and supporting a great cause – all in a days work!  She recently contributed to our online auction, donating two autographed baseballs.  One is signed by Don Mattingly and the other is signed by Mark “Tex” Teixeira.

Stephanie has always loved dogs and had an interest in training animals.  Becoming a guide dog instructor was particularly appealing as it allowed her to work with animals and help people at the same time. The most rewarding part of her job, Steph says, is hearing what her students have accomplished after receiving their guide dogs.

One recent success story involved Gabe Castellanos and Guiding Eyes dog Oregon.  Stephanie trained Oregon and matched him with Gabe in June 2009, just before Gabe started his freshman year at Gonzaga University.  This year they graduated – Gabe received a B.S. in computer science and Oregon was declared a “bulldog” in honor of the school’s sports team.

Stephanie and her husband, Everett, are huge sports fans; they have a room in their house filled with sports memorabilia.  Although they enjoy all sports, the Yankees are their number one team.  They own several collectibles, including the Don Mattingly and Mark Teixeira autographed baseballs.  Originally purchased for their personal collection, Stephanie and Everett chose to donate the baseballs to our auction, a generous notion to support the work we do.

Stephanie feels very fortunate to be part of the Guiding Eyes team.  She’ll celebrate her eighth year at Guiding Eyes this July and her current string of dogs will go into class that same month, including Guiding Eyes Flynn (pictured).  Flynn is an energetic, two-year-old black Lab. He loves to fetch – but not these balls, of course!

Future guide dog Flynn poses with baseballs signed by Don Mattingly and Mark Teixeira

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