Janice's first puppy sit

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By: Volunteer Puppy Raiser Elora Hixon

Janice is growing like crazy!  Just last week she went on her first puppy sit; this is when our pups go to the homes of other raisers or sitters so they can experience new things while working with different people.  It’s an important part of their adolescence.  I thought I wouldn’t mind being away from her for a few days, and that it might even be nice to have a break, but I was pretty emotional as I drove away!

Janice’s sit took place at a small alpaca farm.  It was exciting as this was something she probably wouldn’t have experienced with me.  When she returned, I received some nice feedback from the sitters.  They loved having her, which is always nice to hear.  They did tell me that she needed some practice socializing with other dogs; we’ll continue to work on that skill.

It’s always interesting to hear about the things your pup does differently in other homes.  For example, Janice has been barking a bit in the mornings to get my attention.  I found out that she didn’t bark at all while at the sitter’s house; clearly she is capable of being quiet in the morning.  🙂

We are very fortunate to have a bunch of sitters in our region that jump in and help as much as possible. They make a very big difference.

Stay tuned for more on Janice’s journey to becoming a guide!

Elora is raising Janice in the Maine Puppy Raising Region.  She’s part of an incredible network of volunteers who help our dogs fulfill their destinies as guides.  Thank you Elora!  Click here to learn more about raising a puppy or becoming a sitter.

Guiding Eyes Labrador puppy Janice lies next to dog treats spelling out, "Hi"