King at the Turning Point Festival

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Yvonne Rugg – 08/14/2008

King at Turning Point FestThis is how King and Cheryl F. Lawyer recently spent the weekend! They were at the Turning Point Festival in Schuylerville on sponsored by the Schuylerville Lions Club and Chamber of Commerce.

Cheryl F. Lawyer is the Outreach Coordinator, Northeastern Assoc. of the Blind at Albany; and Region Coordinator, Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

King 7K04 was raised by Cheryl Lawyer and adopted by her after the start of training for health issues.

King and Cheryl will be are looking forward to participating in the 2008 Guiding Eyes Walkathon!. (“Support Team NNY GEB”)

Click the link below to see a newspaper clipping of King visiting with friend Christiana!

Click here for more information. (PDF)

King at the GEB table