Lauren Shoemaker to Speak at Marcellus Rotary Club

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Linda Damato, Regional Marketing Manager – 03/28/2009

Lauren and AsburyLauren Shoemaker recently accepted an invitation to share her story with the Marcellus Rotary Club members. It all started with Lauren’s Senior Project which required her to research a vocation and to present the knowledge she acquired from her studies. Lauren took this task on and went far beyond the requirements, taking the experiential hands-on approach to learning by raising a guide dog puppy, Asbury. In her presentation, she spoke about the tremendous impact guide dogs have in the life of a blind person and the journey these dogs take from birth to guide dogs. The Marcellus Rotary Club made a generous donation to Guiding Eyes on behalf of the work of Lauren and Asbury. Each Rotarian who was present at Lauren’s marvelous presentation came away with a far greater appreciation of the miracles that Guiding Eyes creates with each and every guide dog team that graduates. As with most puppy raisers, raising a puppy to become someone’s Guiding Eyes has had a life-changing impact on Lauren’s life and in the lives of those around her!

Congratulations, Lauren and Asbury!