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Public Adoption

We’re happy that you’re interested in finding out more about adopting one of our puppies or dogs.

Our process of adoption is thoughtful and careful. Every applicant is screened thoroughly and if accepted, placed on a waiting list.

Our average wait times
To adopt a puppy: 36 months
To adopt an adult dog: approximately 4 years

It costs $2,000 to adopt a puppy and $3,000 to adopt a young adult dog.  FEES SUBJECT TO CHANGE

We are committed to making sure every dog is matched appropriately with the right adopter. Our experienced staff tries to make the perfect match by evaluating the temperament and health of the dog and reviewing the profile of the adopter. Once a match is identified, you are invited to come into Guiding Eyes and meet your dog. If all goes well, you’ll sign a release agreement that finalizes the adoption.

These are special dogs, and, as part of our program, it’s important that you’re committed to keeping us up to date with your dog’s progress. Every year, you will be asked to fill out an Adopters Health Survey.

Occasionally, there are instances when an adopted dog cannot remain with the adopter for some reason. Under the terms of the adoption agreement, adopters of a Guiding Eyes released dog cannot place the dog with someone else without notifying Guiding Eyes and receiving written approval.