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Released Puppies

Guiding Eyes puppy

Every Guiding Eyes dog is an extraordinary animal and born with a purpose.  Our puppies receive a tremendous amount of early training and socialization during the first few weeks of life, and though not every puppy is a match for our stringent criteria for guide work, they make exceptional companions and pets.

The adoption fee to adopt a released puppy is $2,000 for most pups.  FEE SUBJECT TO CHANGE



You are eligible to take ownership of one of these special pups if:

  • You live within a one-day drive of our facility.  We do not ship puppies by air.
  • You are aware of and accept the responsibilities required of adopting a young puppy and will never leave a young puppy unattended for more than a few hours.  Applicants gone 6 hours and more per day will not be considered for puppy adoption, but perhaps you’d consider applying for a released young adult.
  • You are age 18 and older and all family members are aware of your application.
  • You must neuter or spay the pup between 6 and 10 months of age and send the certificate to Guiding Eyes.
  •   You should expect to house-train the puppy and continue obedience and manners training.
  •   Your puppy must live in the house and not in a garage or outbuilding.
  •   You must complete the temperament questionnaire sent out to you when the dog reaches 6 months and 12 months of age, as well as our annual health questionnaire.
  •  Please keep us updated on any changes in your contact information so that we can continue to learn about your dog.
  •  When the dog passes away, you must provide Guiding Eyes with the date and cause of death for genetic planning purposes.

Our usual waiting times

  •    Black Lab: 18 to 24 months
  •    Yellow Lab: 24 months or longer
  •    Black and Tan Lab: Limited availability
  •    German Shepherd:  2 to 3 years – limited availability

The more flexibility adopters have with regard to color, sex, and breed, the more quickly they will move up the list.

FAQs for Released Puppies