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Released Young Adult Dogs

Adult Guiding Eyes dog

Adopters of adult dogs (18 to 24 months old) receive a pet that has spent a year or more in a volunteer Puppy Raiser home and is house trained, crate trained and trained in basic obedience and house manners. Most have not yet had formal guide dog training, but as young adults, these dogs have been tested against the most rigorous standards.

Their release is most likely the result of a minor health or temperament problem – nothing that would prevent them from enjoying a happy life as a wonderful pet. No matter what the cause of their release, we make sure that new owners know what problems we saw and what care is recommended to ensure a happy, healthy future.

All dogs released from our programs are up-to-date on their vaccinations and are neutered.

You are eligible to take ownership of one of these special dogs if:
•    You live within a day’s drive of our facility. We do not ship dogs by air.
•    You can come to our Yorktown Heights campus so that we may meet you.

Applications are being accepted for Guiding Eyes’ young adult released dog program. The wait time to receive a dog is approximately 4 years.

The adoption fee for young adult dogs (ages 1 to 3) is $3,000. This is less or waived for dogs released for medical reasons.

FAQs for Young Adult Dogs