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Retired Guide Dogs

Guiding Eyes places a very small number of retired guide dogs with adoptive families (less than 20 a year). These are very special dogs and are usually returned with great difficulty on the part of the graduate, as they have spent many years together as working partners as well as close friends. Returning these dogs is a last resort and only occurs when the graduate is unable to place them in a home with friends or relatives. Most of these dogs are over 10 years old, since they work as long as possible. Many of them have age-related medical problems.

The ideal home for one of our retired dogs is one where people are home the majority of the time, because guide dogs are accustomed to constant companionship. They do not do well in homes where they are left alone for long periods of time.

Please keep in mind that many of our retired dogs are arthritic and do not do well in homes where there are many flights of stairs to navigate.

We no longer accept online applications to adopt retired dogs. For more information about our retired guide dogs, please contact Manager, Released/Retired Dog Program or call 914-243-2218.