Half Marathon Media Coverage

When our Guiding Eyes Running Guide Dog Relay Team was training for the NYC Half Marathon, it was generating quite a buzz! We’re pleased to share these links to recent coverage and we’re grateful for the interest in our history making run. Please support our mission and help us provide one of these world-class running guide dogs for a runner who is blind.

Check back for more great clips and articles, to be added as they become available. 

A View from Inside the Half Marathon

Video by Alex Cherney/Riverspirit Studios

From Facebook - Running with Thomas in Times Square

Yesterday, we made history with running guide dogs Waffle, Westley, and Gus who led our president & CEO, Thomas Panek through the New York Road Runners (NYRR) #UnitedNYCHalf marathon in a 3-dog relay.A big thank you to our village for making it happen: our running guides trainers (Ben, Jolene, and Nick), our sponsors (John Donnelly - sponsor of Gus, James "Jamie" Dimon - sponsor of Westley, Brett O'Brien - sponsor of Lynx, and all our Running Guides Supporters - sponsors of Waffle), our friends at New York Road Runners who coordinated and accommodated our canine athletes, our staff and volunteers who braved the city on St. Patrick's Day to attend, and all the virtual cheerleaders on social media - Thomas and the pups heard and felt your support as they traversed the streets of NYC.What happens now? Siblings Waffle and Westley will wait to be matched with a handler who is blind or visually impaired. #GoodBoyGus has gracefully entered retirement and will still live with Thomas and his family as a cherished pet.You can still support our running guides program and all our services to provide exceptional guide dogs at no cost to the people who need them: http://bit.ly/2Y4cYAbVideo Description: (Taken from the GoPro of Tim Gorbold of Ruffwear who ran behind Thomas and the pups) Thomas runs through the streets of Times Square in New York City during the NYC Half Marathon guided by Gus, a yellow Labrador retriever in Ruffwear Unifly harness and booties. Video Credit: Tim Gorbold

Posted by Guiding Eyes for the Blind on Monday, March 18, 2019

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