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Wrangler’s Page

Wrangler Facts:
Wrangler is a male yellow Labrador retriever. He was born on November 17th, 2014 in a litter of 10 – 8 brothers and 1 sister. His mom is called Emmy and his dad is called Garth. He spent his first year growing up on the TODAY Show.

Learn more about Wrangler’s family here.

Nicknames: Wrangles, Wrangley, Tangler, Lil’ Monkey
Best Friend: His “big brother” Vincent – also a future guide dog
Favorite Toy: Nylabones
Favorite Food: Anything bacon flavored
Role Model: Matt Lauer!
Career Aspiration: Guiding Eyes guide dog or service dog.

Keep in touch with Wrangler:
Twitter: @guidingeyes
Instagram: guidingeyes


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Click here to read more about Wrangler on his about page. Click here to visit Wrangler's blog and view new video clips of Wrangler (web link).


TODAY helps us raise a pup with purpose – and change a life. The show has joined us to raise Guiding Eyes puppy Wrangler. He will visit the set every day over the next year and stay for the duration of the show, enjoying the socialization benefits found on set.  He brings international awareness to service dogs and disability – all while snuggling up to the world’s biggest celebrities!