Guiding Eyes for the Blind is an internationally accredited nonprofit that provides guide dogs to people with vision loss, as well as service dogs to children with autism.
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Guide Dog Services

Your decision to become a guide dog user is one that you, and you alone, can make.  A Guiding Eyes dog will give you the ability to travel independently and safely. To be a successful Guiding Eyes graduate, you must be able to trust your dog, trust your ability to communicate with your dog, and be able to take care of your dog just as you take care of yourself.

Once you’ve decided to apply to Guiding Eyes and have been accepted, you’ll find a welcoming family of expert, patient, and supportive instructors who are dedicated to your success.”

“I came to Guiding Eyes expecting to receive the remarkable gift of a dog specially trained to compensate for my loss of vision.  I leave knowing that this dog is the result of generations of purpose-bred guide dogs, and is the result of a breeding, whelping, puppy raising and training program that is the envy of guide dog schools around the world.  I leave humbled that I was chosen by Guiding Eyes.  I know now that the word “gift” is not nearly big enough to describe how my life has been changed by Guiding Eyes.” Graduate Deni Elliott, 2013

Graduate Stories

Guiding Eyes graduates comes from all walks of life. Learn more about their stories of being teamed with a Guiding Eyes guide dog. Read these Guiding Eyes graduate stories: