Puppy Raising Open House – This Saturday!

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Close-up shot of 4-week-old yellow Lab Pup FrankHave you made your New Year’s resolution yet?  We’ve got a suggestion…  How about one resolution that provides the opportunity for a healthier lifestyle, the ability to have incredible amounts of fun, and the opportunity to forever change someone’s life?

You can raise a special dog that will make an extraordinary difference in a blind or visually impaired person’s future.  Guiding Eyes dogs continue to open new doors for people with vision loss and children with autism.   From college to marriage, to the workplace to soccer games, our graduates revel in the sense of normalcy their dogs allow them.

Live locally?  In Westchester, Orange, Rockland, Dutchess, Putnam, Ulster or nearby?  Join us for an Open House at our Canine Development Center this Saturday from 2:30 – 4PM.

To RSVP or for more information, please contact Maria Dunne at (845) 230-6436 or mdunne@guidingeyes.org.

And here’s why your time and love are so important: “It was early February and I was on my way to work using my white cane. I misjudged the edge of the train platform and fell onto the tracks, breaking my back, elbow, and wrist. The worst part was the fear… I was afraid to leave the house and thought about retiring early.  I received my Guiding Eyes dog in August, and returned to work in September.  Now I’m comfortable traveling to the city again.  I’m able to be help provide for my family, and be a better wife and mother.  My guide dog gave me my life back.” – Guiding Eyes graduate Lisa Cantwell


Learn more about the puppy raising program.