Remembering Roberta Huy

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Puppy Program Region Manager Roberta Huy with several pups in a basketWe lost a colleague and friend when regional manager Roberta Huy passed away in December.  Roberta worked for Guiding Eyes for 17 years.  During this time, she raised 13 puppies, fostered eight members of our breeding colony and provided home care to numerous litters.  She possessed an incredible understanding of both dogs and people and was infinitely compassionate.  She is remembered as a dedicated colleague, a gifted teacher, a loving wife, mother and grandmother, and a thoughtful and kind friend.  Roberta made a profound impact on our organization and she will forever be deeply missed.  

The memories below were shared by volunteer puppy raiser Michele Khol:  

“Roberta has been a major presence in the Dominion region for over 12 years.  She will be greatly missed by all (puppies and people) whose lives were touched by her.  She will be most remembered for her dedication and commitment to all the puppies that passed through her life, home and the many Guiding Eyes regions she was responsible for establishing and running. Most likely like you, as a Dominion raiser I have raised one of “Roberta’s offspring”.  Her face would always light up when she talked about the puppies from one of the many of “Roberta’s Line” of dogs.   She cared deeply and passionately about the mission of Guiding Eyes all the way until the end of her life – it was what always kept her going.

Few could likely match Roberta’s encyclopedic knowledge of dogs, their behaviors and effective training methods for various personalities.  A wonderful thing about Roberta was that she gave the gift of her experience freely to anyone and everyone who wanted to learn.   I was fortunate to have worked closely with Roberta for over 10 years and I feel the raiser and instructor I am today is a direct reflection of Roberta’s skill and wisdom.  For me I will miss not being able to pick up the phone anytime and call her with a question, concern or breakthrough in something we had been working on.  Just as every teacher takes pride in watching a student grasp a concept and teach another, supporting each other in her absence  is perhaps the best gift we can give Roberta and help carry on her legacy.

One life lesson I learned from Roberta was the importance a purpose in life plays in one’s well-being.  For the over two years she continued to battle her cancer on a daily basis, she focused on puppy classes, outings that she attended with her fellow raisers and helping to co-raise Bronte with Betsy and Rosalyn with her daughter Sandra.  The puppies and both Cricket and Panda’s breeding during the past two years gave Roberta a will to get up each day no matter how badly she felt.  Puppies and raisers needed her and she was going to be there to make sure that they got what was needed.

Roberta Huy with the yellow Lab brood she called "Eagle Beagle"Roberta was a great friend to many not only in Dominion but in her other regions which spanned from Ohio to Virginia Beach.  Fortunately, Roberta’s legacy will continue for many years to come as her broods continue to produce not only working dogs but future breeders for Guiding Eyes.

Rest in Peace Roberta, you will be greatly missed but your legacy will be long remembered.  May each of us find a way to carry on your spirit.”