Saxon's first pup – Boulder

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TODAY puppy raiser Saxon Eastman with Guiding Eyes dog BoulderThe first time I met Boulder was in a parking lot. Another puppy raiser had picked him up at Guiding Eyes and brought him to Massachusetts where I was attending Boston College.

When I walked up to the car, there were two little yellow Labrador puppies at a water bowl. One was sitting patiently while the other had both paws in the bowl and was splashing around. The raiser pointed at the splashing puppy and said, “This one is yours!” Holding my first Guiding Eyes puppy for the first time was exciting and overwhelming. Those initial feelings never seem to change with each subsequent pup, including Wrangler.

Boulder has the biggest personality of any dog I know. He is extra goofy and always has everyone laughing. Growing up on the Boston College campus, Boulder attended most of my classes with me. He always did a great job in class, settling right away and sleeping through the entirety of the class.

One day a professor was holding everyone late, continuing to lecture. Everyone started getting restless, looking at the clock and wondering when he would let us out. All of the sudden, Boulder sat up and groaned loudly, which sounded something like, “UUGGHH!” The professor looked at Boulder and said, “I promise I will let you out in just a minute Boulder.” The class was pretty grateful to Boulder for expressing what everyone was thinking!

I couldn’t have been more proud the day Boulder graduated as a working guide dog. At the time, his handler, Jose, worked as an assistive technologist in Puerto Rico. Boulder guided him to and from work each day, keeping him safe. Now retired, the team lives in Florida where they spend much of their time visiting with Jose’s large family. I’m sure Boulder enjoys playing with the grandkids!

My smart, goofy pup became an incredible guide dog – a treasured family member who is relied upon for safety, companionship and joy. He is happy and well loved – and I am so grateful to have been part of his journey.

by Guiding Eyes staff member and volunteer puppy raiser Saxon Eastman

Jose and Boulder

Guiding Eyes graduates Jose and Boulder