The Ripple Effect – Leila

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Retired guide dog Leila celebrates her 10th birthdayWe know that our guide dogs and autism service dogs provide independence and mobility, but we are regularly reminded of how ALL Guiding Eyes dogs make people’s lives better.  This note was sent in over Thanksgiving by Elizabeth Irving, adopter of retired guide dog, Leila:

“I just wanted to shoot you an email update on how grateful we are for our yellow Lab, Leila.  She is happily snoring under the table, thankful in her own doggy way.   Since Leila came to live with us two Februarys ago, life has just been so much better (and more fur-covered).

She comes to school with me every day – and was furious on the three or four days of school she’s had to miss.  The children run to her when they come to class in the morning, when they are stressed from a math test and to make sure she comes with us on our field trips.  Leila curls up on her pillow in the center of daily staff meetings, and when she “arrrrrrs” and “errrrrrrrs” contentedly, the staff believe she is agreeing with them on policy matters.  We all love her.

We celebrated her 10th birthday two months ago with lots of extra scratches and treats.  Thank you again for sharing Leila with us.”