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Foster Responsibilities

The foster volunteers and the staff at the CDC work as a team to ensure that the dogs are kept in the best possible condition. Our foster volunteers are our diplomats, showing off our wonderful dogs to their communities each time they leave home. They also are a vital link to the success of our Puppy Raising Program, by including the raiser in the new career of the brood or stud that the raiser nurtured as a tiny puppy.

As a foster, you will not just be giving a home to a brood or stud, you’ll be joining an extended family of Guiding Eyes volunteers and staff, all working towards the mission of giving independence to visually-impaired individuals.

Fosters should feel free at any time to ask questions, understand everything that is happening with their dog, and bring any problems or concerns to the Brood Stud Program Manager.

Upon receiving a dog, each foster will sign a Foster Agreement that addresses the requirements and policies that will continue throughout the dog’s breeding career. This agreement is updated yearly at the annual Eye Clinic.