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When the Dog Arrives

  • Guiding Eyes for the Blind provides each brood or stud with a slip collar and a buckle collar carrying an ID tag (showing the Canine Development Center phone number and address) and a rabies vaccination tag. In addition, once the dog is an official breeder, the foster must obtain a town or state license, and an ID tag with foster contact information. The dog must wear its buckle collar, with identification, at all times, whether in the house or out. ID tags must be attached to the collar’s buckle, not to the D-Ring. If the collar is lost or damaged, the foster is expected to purchase a new one, and notify the Brood/Stud Manager in order to obtain new Guiding Eyes and rabies tags.
  • Please read Taking a New Dog Home for tips on taking the dog home for the first time.
  • The foster must transport the dog to Guiding Eyes Training School in Yorktown Heights, NY for a professional photographer to take a portrait. This will occur on the scheduled photo day after you get your dog. Photo days are once a month on Fridays.