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Support We Provide


No matter whether this is your first time raising a Guiding Eyes puppy or your 20th time, we’re here to help and support you in every way, so that you can successfully raise a puppy until it is ready to be evaluated for guide dog training.

Many Puppy Raising Regions have their own website or Facebook page, where you can find details of training classes and local contact information.

You can find the region nearest you by clicking on our map.

Our Guiding Eyes Regional Managers work closely with each team to share our expertise and experience, so that we can support all our volunteers. You can expect to be working on a one-to-one basis with your Regional Manager at Walk and Talk evaluations.

Puppy raisers may be eligible to claim deductions on their income tax. Click here for a simple guide to potential tax deductions for Guiding Eyes volunteers. For further clarification, please consult your tax professional.


Volunteers: Please see the more detailed Health & Veterinary Care information found in the My Guiding Eyes Center.