Guiding Eyes for the Blind is an internationally accredited nonprofit that provides guide dogs to people with vision loss, as well as service dogs to children with autism.
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At Our Yorktown Campus

Volunteer On-Site

Please Note:
Applications for this program are suspended until further notice.

Volunteer opportunities at our Headquarters and Training Center in Yorktown Heights, NY include:

A volunteer with a kennel feeding cart*Minimum Requirements:

  • Aged 18 years or older
  • Able to commit to a regular Volunteer Schedule (Typically 3-4 hours per week for a period of one year)
  • Independent transportation (No public transport available.)

*Some positions will have additional requirements. Click on the individual opportunities listed above for more information.

All potential Volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application and undergo a screening, training and evaluation process prior to placement.

Additionally, Volunteers are required to adhere to a Code of Conduct indicating that they will uphold the highest standard of professional conduct while volunteering with Guiding Eyes.

For directions to our Yorktown Heights Campus click here.