Wag-a-thon: You Did It!

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Wag-a-thon: You Did It!

A big thank-you to everyone who made our very first Wag-a-thon an amazing success!

With this first-ever event, we didn’t know what to expect—but we did know we had two things in our favor: a great idea and an awesome community of supporters. But the Guiding Eyes community took this marathon-in-a-month to heart in a bigger way than we ever imagined. We’re also grateful to our friends Eli Manning and Jennifer Garner for giving Wag-a-thon an extra boost. When all was said and done, we counted up:

  • $227,000 raised to train more exceptional dogs
  • Almost 1,000 individual participants
  • 150 teams
  • More than 16,000 miles completed

The response from our Facebook community was especially exciting. Many people who didn’t have dogs or couldn’t walk for other reasons actually posted to our Facebook page looking for walkers to sponsor!

Please join us in thanking our top five individual participants:

  • Bob R. and Cindy S.
  • Bonnie M.
  • Sarah B.
  • Henry F.
  • Sally R.

And our top five teams:

  • Capital Region NY
  • GEB Development Team
  • Dominion Dogs
  • Adirondack Raisers
  • Mia and Hannah

Wag-a-thon was a fun, simple way to raise funds that will help more people with vision loss experience all of life’s adventures—from taking a walk to taking on the world. It was inspiring to see such an overwhelming response from people who truly believe in the power of guide dogs to transform lives and who choose to support the exceptional dogs and innovative programs at Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

If you missed Wag-a-thon this year, don’t worry—you’ll get another chance next year! In the meantime, if you’ve found your own fun way to help out (dog biscuit bake sale, anyone?), we’d love to hear your story. Drop us a line at Stories@guidingeyes.org!

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