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Success Stories


Walgreens Distribution Center: Supporting our Students on Their Life-Changing Journey


We were thrilled to have been selected by Walgreens Distribution Center as its 2016 charity recipient. The generous grant will help us to create life-changing connections between people and exceptional dogs.  We often talk about Guiding Eyes as a “family,” and Walgreens Distribution Center’s support makes this possible.

As the 2016 Charity Recipient, we were invited to the Center to accept the award and to showcase our work. With representation from  Guiding Eyes including puppy raisers, and trainers, we offered Walgreens employees a broad look at all it takes to build relationships that give people the independence, freedom, and confidence to achieve their goals.


Lions Clubs: A Legacy of Life-Changing Support


Guiding Eyes for the Blind is fortunate to have the generous support of Lions Clubs from throughout the metropolitan New York region and beyond. Lions Clubs’ donations have been instrumental in many Guiding Eyes achievements.

The Van Tassell Society is a dedicated group of Lions that helps raise and direct funds for these projects. The Society meets with Guiding Eyes staff to learn about the school’s challenges and plans. These dialogues enable the Van Tassel Society members to choose the Guiding Eyes projects that best embrace the Lions’ philosophy of “We Serve.”

Many of the projects supported by Lions Clubs are accompanied by grants from the Lions International Foundation.

Many of the projects supported by Lions Clubs are accompanied by grants from the Lions International Foundation.

These include:

  • Expanding the Canine Development Center ($80,000)
  • Renovation of the Canine Development Center whelping kennels (LCIF grant of $75,000, with over-matching Lions Clubs funds of $110,000, and additional leveraged public contributions)
  • Construction of the Nature Walk, Memorial Wall, and benches ($120,000)
  • Construction of the Gazebo, through Lion Charles Goetsch ($25,000)
  • Construction and renovation of the new Training Center kennels ($300,000)
  • Purchase of an MRI machine and renovation of the MRI facility (LCIF grant of $75,000, with matching Lions Clubs funds of $75,000)
  • Expanding and improving the Training Center kennels ($100,000)


The Starr Foundation: An Investment in Empowerment and Independence!


The Starr International Foundation recently made a grant award of $250,000 in support of our core programs and services.

“We have seen first hand the commitment and expertise of Guiding Eyes’s programs and staff at their facilities. The Starr International Foundation is pleased to contribute to the enhancement of these breeding and training facilities, which provide leadership and expertise to colleagues around the world.” Director Florence Davis