Who Let the Dogs In?

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Ann Sabino (for Cleveland Canine) – 03/09/2009

Guiding Eyes for the Blind pups at Hotel for DogsAs winter’s bitter cold snap plunged mercury into the teens, three fortunate yellow Labrador Retrievers made their way into Crocker Park’s Regal Stadium 16 for a ‘pawsitively’ rewarding experience- the premier of DreamWorks’ latest release, ‘Hotel for Dogs’. The outing, made possible by the cinema’s civic minded management, gave a small pack of Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s local puppy raisers a wonderful opportunity to expose their guide dog hopefuls to elements far beyond Mother Nature’s influence.

Admission fees were a bargain as they afforded so much more than entrance into a doggone good movie. They bought opportunities to train in a new and stimulating learning environment. Pal (Brunswick), Ecru (Elyria), and Vanilla (Olmsted Falls) received valuable lessons in confidence and self control as they navigated crowds, participated in a lobby meet and greet, scaled flights of stairs, and exercised supreme restraint while padding past aromatic kernels of popcorn which seemed to fall from the sky.

The darkened theater offered additional lessons. Could the pups settle in beside their raisers for the film’s ninety minute running time? Could they, as the projector breathed life into the visibly still room, maintain their attention and composure as an engaged audience riotously laughed and digital surround sound flooded their ears with a cacophony of on screen barking? Yes and yes! Raisers and movie patrons exited the theater with broad smiles and shared certainty- few things are more heartwarming than loving, well trained dogs.

Those interested in learning more about non-profit Guiding Eyes for the Blind and its volunteer opportunities may do so by visiting on-line at volunteer.guidingeyes.org or calling the organization’s Region Coordinator at (440) 235- 3515.