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Wrangler’s Blog & Videos

 July 20, 2015,   Wrangler celebrates six months on TODAY  –   It’s been an entire six months since WranglerTODAY came to studio 1A!

 July 16, 2015,   Wrangler meets the minions!  –   One of the many benefits of being the TODAY Show puppy is that Wrangler has the opportunity to be exposed to many novel objects and to meet unusual strangers in Studio 1A.

 June 30, 2015,   Wrangler’s first overnight trip  –   Wrangler visited Boston this past weekend adding a whole bunch of new skills and experiences under his belt!

 June 19, 2015,   Wrangler’s closet!  –   How playing dress-up is another step on Wrangler’s journey to become a guide.

 May 15, 2015,   TODAY puppy thanks Guiding Eyes supporters  –   Wrangler attends the Guiding Eyes sponsor recognition party for the 38th Annual Golf Classic.

 May 9, 2015,   Wrangler roams the plaza  –   Wrangler makes a Saturday morning debut in celebration of his six-month birthday and demonstrates some of his mastered skills and his obstacle course abilities.

 April 29, 2015,   International Guide Dog Day  –   Wrangler is joined by fellow guide dogs in training along with Barkbox on the TODAY show plaza.

 April 29, 2015,   Raising a Guiding Eyes Puppy  –   Learn more about raising a Guiding Eyes puppy.

 April 21, 2015,   Wrangler’s Canine Friends  –   Meet some of Wrangler’s canine friends.

 April 10, 2015,   Wrangler celebrates National Siblings day  –  It’s National Siblings Day! The “S” litter took a break from training to stop by the 30 Rock plaza in support of Wrangler. Our special TODAY pup was also visited by his own brothers – Woodrow and Webster.

 April 2, 2015,   Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day  –  Wrangler celebrates World Autism Awareness Day on the TODAY show.

 March 19, 2015,   New jacket prompts fun outing   –  After accomplishing a big milestone last week, Wrangler puts his newly achieved Guiding Eyes ambassador jacket to work and takes on some new socialization experiences.

 March 18, 2015,   Wrangler has a new play space in the TODAY plaza!   –  The space was built by HGTV’s Property Brothers and will help Wrangler grow comfortable with stairs and a variety of new surfaces – and give him a chance to simply play and enjoy puppyhood. When Wrangler grows out of the equipment, it will be donated to Guiding Eyes’ Canine Development Center to help more future guide dogs along their journey.

 March 11, 2015,   Wrangler receives his puppy jacket!   –  Our TODAY show pup experiences this important rite of passage.

 March 10, 2015,   Lessons from Studio 1A   –  Saxon discusses the many ways in which the TODAY show is helping to shape Wrangler’s future as a guide dog.

 February 27, 2015,   Wrangler welcomes you to his home turf   –  Wrangler invites you home to see what he loves to do when he’s not holding down the fort in the Orange Room.

 February 25, 2015,   Saxon’s first pup – Boulder   –  The first time I met Boulder was in a parking …

 February 18, 2015,   Frequently Asked Questions  –  Saxon answers TODAY viewers’ questions via Facebook chat.

 February 18, 2015,   Wrangler Wednesday!  –  View clips from Wrangler’s TODAY appearances.

 February 11, 2015,   Wrangler’s first month on the TODAY show!  –  TODAY celebrates one month of Wrangler.

 February 10, 2015,   A peek into Wrangler’s morning routine!  –  An inside look at the early mornings of Saxon and Wrangler

 February 9, 2015,   Wrangler meets the stars – and becomes one!  –  Read about how I got to meet Anne Hathaway, Ryan Seacrest, Naomi Campbell, Giada De Laurentiis, Ed Burns, Gabrielle Union and Lauren Graham! Perhaps my next stop will be Hollywood?

  January 28, 2015,  Wrangler enjoys snowy hotel stay  –  Read about how Saxon and I got to stay in a hotel room in New York City during the 2015 Blizzard Juno! There were so many new and exciting things I got to experience!

  January 21, 2015,  Wrangler’s First Week on TODAY  –   My first week on the TODAY show was so much fun! Read about how my first week went and why I am called a “puppy with a purpose.”

  January 20, 2015,  TODAY: Our partner in raising a puppy with a purpose  –   Watch a roundup of videos starring me on the TODAY Show! Find out about how I received my name, how I spent this past weekend and watch as I meet my new friends on the TODAY show!

 January 12, 2015,  Guiding Eyes Partners with TODAY Show!  –   So, this is where the journey begins! I am so excited to be “America’s Puppy!” Read about how valuable this experience will be for my future as a guide dog, and learn about what you can do to help!

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The Today Show talents: Natalie Morales, Carson Daly, Savannah Guthrie, Matt Lauer, and Al Roker all holding future Guide Dog, Wrangler