Yoga at guide dog school

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Volunteer yoga instructor Jane Schewior teaches a class at Guiding Eyes Each month, men and women with vision loss travel from around the world to be matched with Guiding Eyes guide dogs.  They spend three weeks at our Yorktown Heights Headquarters and Training Center where they’re taught everything from basic dog care to how to travel safely throughout a variety of different environments.  The days are long and occasionally stressful as the teams develop new relationships and learn to navigate challenges together.

For over 12 years, Jane Schewior has volunteered her time to help students manage stress and find relaxation through yoga practice.  Once a month, Jane spends an hour with each class, teaching a variety of breathing techniques and poses that help practitioners on the journey towards stillness and peace.

Jane finds Guiding Eyes students to be excellent listeners who pay rapt attention to her cueing.  They ask thoughtful questions and laugh often; their joyful spirit regularly inspires her.

Our students leave Jane’s class feeling calmer and more relaxed, which allows them to apply additional focus to their training with their dogs.  They also come away with a “toolbox” of yoga techniques that they can practice on their own.

We are profoundly grateful that Jane is part of the Guiding Eyes family.

Jane Schewior is dedicated to guiding students in developing a personal yoga practice, and finding stillness, clarity, joy and peace in the process.  Visit the Stillview Yoga website to learn more.