Yellow lab guide dog Ellie lays in harness beside the feet of her handler. The pretty pup daintily crosses her paws as she looks toward the camera. Test Your Guide Dog Knowledge Take The Quiz Thomas Panek, Guiding Eyes CEO & President, runs down paved road in a lush forest headed away from the camera. Thomas runs independently without a guide dog or cane as he follows the yellow line in the center of the road. Thomas wears a bright orange band around his waist with the Project Guideline prototype attached. Running with Google's Project Guideline Learn More
Destiny, a female yellow Labrador retriever guide dog, sits on the curb while in harness and looks up with big brown eyes.
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Yellow lab Blue sits on the campus patio with his puppy raiser kneeling beside him.
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Zach, a yellow lab puppy, looks at the camera with an inquisitive expression.
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