A yellow lab guide dog lays on the golf green in harness. The dog touches their nose on a golf ball resting on a tee. 44th Annual Virtual Golf Classic Register Today Black lab puppy Douglas stands on the white practice steps in the puppy pavilion and looks toward the camera. Our Online Silent Auction is Now Open! View the Offerings & Bid Now Yellow lab puppy Francine stands on the wooden structure and tilts her head curiously while wagging her tail. Help Me Become a Guide Dog Give Now
Pippi, a yellow lab guide dog, poses in sit while in harness in front of a stone wall.
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Guiding Eyes puppy raiser Amanda holds black lab puppy Ranger in her arms as the pair pose for a photo.
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Douglas, a black lab puppy, stands on the small white platform in our Hockmeyer Puppy Pavilion and looks curiously toward the camera.
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