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Home Socialization

Home Socialization volunteers give our puppies one-on-one attention while introducing them to new sights and sounds in a home environment. These new experiences boost our puppies’ confidence and give them the greatest chance for success as they proceed through the Guiding Eyes program.

Share your home with our adorable puppies

Home Socializers bring two puppies, ages six to nine weeks old, into their home for three to five days to provide socialization and reinforce simple aspects of the pups’ training. These include massage, leash walking, riding in cars, sitting for meals, crate time, name response and other skills.

yellow puppy Waylon peeks out of white wooden structure

Learn more about volunteering in the Home Socialization Program from one of our Home Socializer families. Watch the video here


Home Socialization Volunteers must:

  • Pick up and deliver puppies and equipment at the Canine Development Center in Patterson.
  • Successfully complete Home Socialization training.
  • Be willing to provide training and socialization experiences per the guidelines.
  • Be able to take puppies for a period of three to five days (Participants are not limited and may sign up as many times as they like each month.)
  • Provide a spot in the home with sufficient room for the x-pen, with a durable floor that can be easily cleaned, such as a kitchen or playroom, where the puppies can be near lots of activity.
  • Keep the puppies play pen clean, fully scrubbing and disinfecting the area once per day, plus frequent changing of the paper.
  • Feed the puppies three times per day.
  • Socialize the puppies in frequent short sessions throughout the day, totaling about 20 minutes per puppy.
  • Groom the puppies daily.
  • Adhere to vaccination protocol for other dogs in the home. (see below)

Vaccination Requirements for Pets

Volunteers who have other pets in the home can participate in this program, but they must be healthy, free of fleas and other parasites and friendly towards puppies. To best protect your pet dogs and the Guiding Eyes puppies coming in and out of your homes, we have instituted the following vaccination policy. Your dogs must be up to date on the required vaccines:

Required Vaccinations

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
  • DHPP

Strongly Recommended 

  • H3N2 Flu
  • H3N8 Flu


  • Lyme
  • Leptospirosis

Support We Provide

  • Home Socializers are provided with all the equipment and supplies needed for puppy care, including an exercise pen, a crate for transportation and socialization, leashes, food, bowls, and toys. This does not include newspaper nor a surface protector for floors (strongly recommended).
  • Guiding Eyes Veterinary staff is on call for health and veterinary concerns. An emergency number is provided for after-hours calls.


Have a question? Email us at

Application – Home Socialization (Short-term Puppy Visits)

If you are interested in becoming involved in our Home Socialization Program, submit this application and the Home Socialization Coordinator will contact you in 7- 10 business days to discuss your application in greater detail.


All volunteers are asked to review and adhere to a Code of Conduct.

For additional information, please contact HS Program Coordinator at

Application – Home Socialization  (Short-term Puppy Visits) 

Dogs /Cats in Household

Last vaccine date (or closest estimate):

Other Dogs

Other Animals

Please give us a personal reference, preferably someone who knows you and your family (no relatives please).

It is helpful for us to know where you work. We will not contact your employer without first notifying you.

By submitting this form, I certify that we have studied general information about the Guiding Eyes Home Socializing program. We will comply with all of Guiding Eyes for the Blind's regulations concerning the care, safety, socialization, and feeding of the puppies while in my/our care. For safety, when the puppies are outdoors, the Socializer is required to keep them on a lead or in an enclosed area under supervision at all times. In vehicles, the puppies must be crated.
Home Socialization Staff Only