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Who We Are

Guiding Eyes for the Blind provides guide dogs to people with vision loss. We are passionate about connecting exceptional dogs with individuals for greater independence.  Learn more in the Guiding Eyes Fact Sheet. [Accessible Fact Sheet here.]

Life-Changing Connections

Our Experience: 70+ Years & 10,000+ Teams

Since 1954, Guiding Eyes has managed to thrive on goodness, even in the most difficult of times. We relied on the goodness of our loyal base of generous supporters, passionate staff and dedicated volunteers to come together to meet the growing needs of our diverse community of people with vision loss. Through this unwavering support and dedication, Guiding Eyes has graduated more than 10,000 guide dog teams. We believe in the powerful, meaningful change that our beautiful dogs bring to the lives of people facing the daily challenges that blindness and vision loss present.

Services Provided Free of Charge

It can cost up to $50,000 annually to train and care for a guide dog throughout its working lifetime with a person who is blind. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we provide all services completely free of charge to people who are blind or with vision loss. At Guiding Eyes, we rely upon the contributions of our generous donors to fulfill our mission.

Video: Our mission in action

Setting Worldwide Standards

STEP logo with three labsSTEP (Successive Training & Enrichment Program) is Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s unique relationship-based approach to training in which raisers teach puppies essential skills in sequential steps. The Successive Training and Enrichment Program is based on the relationship between raiser and dog. A trust-filled relationship develops when we are able to recognize our dog’s needs, respond in a way that helps them and do these things consistently. Puppies thrive in this type of relationship, building confidence to explore and enjoy learning.


Guiding Eyes is an accredited member of the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF), the organization that establishes worldwide standards for the breeding and training of guide dogs. We’re proud to support their mission to improve and uphold worldwide standards for the breeding and training of guide dogs.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

With nearly 150 employees, Guiding Eyes operates out of our 10-acre Headquarters and Training Center in Yorktown Heights, NY, and our Canine Development Center in Patterson, NY, as well as our field-training center in White Plains, NY. Our puppy raising regions stretch from Maine to North Carolina, and west to Colorado.

Dedicated, Compassionate Volunteers

More than 1,700 volunteers are a vital part of our Guiding Eyes community. They participate in everything from raising, training, and socializing potential guide dogs to supporting our day-to-day operations. To learn more about supporting our mission, click here.