Journey of a Guide Dog

Our pups get their start at the Canine Development Center in Patterson, New York. At our Headquarters & Training Center in Yorktown Heights, New York, their journey continues as they learn to become a world-class Guiding Eyes guide dog.

How do adorable puppies become Guiding Eyes dogs?

The Journey At A Glance

Journey Birth, up to 8 wks, up to 16mths, up to 22mths and retirement 8-10 years

We are committed to caring for our dogs from the moment of their birth throughout their lives.

  • Birth: Puppies are born at the Canine Development Center in Patterson, New York.
  • Birth to 8 Weeks: Puppies receive early training and socialization.
  • 8 Weeks to 16 Months: Puppies learn key skills from volunteer puppy raisers.
  • 16 Months to 22 Months: Dogs join Guide Dog Mobility Instructors in Yorktown Heights, New York to learn guide work.
  • 22 Months to 8-10 Years: Dogs are matched and live with people who are blind as guides until retirement.

…and watch the video below from IBM about Jackson and his journey from puppy to guide dog.


When you’re done, be sure to visit our blog post featuring a narrated educational video that takes another look

at the journey, including the programs that Guiding Eyes pups encounter along the way.