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Pups on Program

Guiding Eyes’ puppy raisers nurture a puppy to prepare them for guide dog training. They care for our young dogs and equip them with the skills they need to take on a job that will change someone’s life.

Puppy raising is challenging, but the return on investment is extraordinary

Puppy Raisers

Puppies selected as future Guiding Eyes guide dogs are placed in volunteer homes for 12 to 18 months. A Puppy Raiser provides the foundation from which one-half of a successful guide dog team is made. These essential volunteers raise a Guiding Eyes puppy by providing the pup with the love, socialization, house manners, and basic obedience they will need to succeed in guide dog training.

Successive Training & Enrichment Program (STEP)

Our proprietary STEP uses a relationship-based approach to raising and training our pups, using positive rewards to build a spirit of cooperation and willingness. Dogs raised through this program display significantly increased confidence and focus. Every lesson is designed to integrate into daily tasks that build and strengthen the relationship between raiser and puppy.

yellow puppy smiling in blue bandana

Walk & Talk

Puppy raisers initially attend weekly classes and shift to twice a month as the pup gets older.  Each raiser and pup has “Walk & Talks”, one on one sessions with their Regional Manager, at key ages. The Walk & Talks focus on their progress and creating a focused training plan for them.